Space rental

A partner of property owners: Deutsche Funkturm is looking for spaces to set up radio infrastructure.

Due to massive changes in all areas of work and life, the need for mobile data volumes is multiplying. The federal and state governments, cities and municipalities are faced with great challenges. To continue meeting the increased communication needs by the citizens and the accompanying requirements for mobile communication networks of the various operators, it is necessary to condense the radio infrastructure even further. This applies particularly in respect to the new 5G communication standard.

When it comes to acting as an intermediary between all parties involved in the expansion of radio infrastructure in Germany, Deutsche Funkturm is the ideal partner. We have the necessary know-how – from the network planning and procurement of required permits to the technical implementation. We are also in direct contact with all German radio network operators.


To actively support the expansion of the mobile service networks in Germany, Deutsche Funkturm is constantly looking for suitable rooftop, wall, indoor or open areas to set up mobile communications facilities.

If you provide an unused part of your rooftop or open spaces to operate as an antenna site, you will generate regular rental income from a trustworthy partner for the long term, in addition to contributing to optimal local mobile network coverage.

Deutsche Funkturm offers attractive indoor and outdoor solutions for project and real estate developers with DAS (distributed antenna systems) and small cells. Café operators or restaurants with small cells, for example, benefit from improved mobile network coverage for their guests. Nowadays, residents of modern apartment complexes value reliable mobile network coverage in their building. With DAS systems, this is also guaranteed in large residential estates, shopping centers, or soccer stadiums.

As part of our partnership, our experienced employees handle all further required steps for you: In coordination with you, we take care of incidental permits and building measures. By using state-of-the-art, compact system technology, the required systems are adapted to their surroundings and – of course – installed with no damage to the building. The regional presence of Deutsche Funkturm allows us to address the local conditions and your specific needs in the best possible way. And a personal representative is available to you whenever you have questions about support for the site. For the operation of a radio station on the rooftop, about 10 m² of technical floor space is required, for a mast about 150 m² of floor space or technical floor space.