Site rental

You operate a wireless network or offer mobile services. You represent a municipality and would like to improve the digital communication services for your residents? You operate critical infrastructure or are a company that would like to implement a radio relay connection, for example? We have the right sites for all these applications.

Whether towers, mobile service masts, rooftop sites, or small cells – our sites are the perfect choice for the operation of mobile communications facilities. They meet the requirements for modern and optimized radio network planning and offer the necessary infrastructure for the operation of transmission stations, such as those for energy supply, along with the structural qualifications. Therefore, a range of technologies often come together at our sites – such as mobile communications, radio relays, and trunking. We expressly offer shared use models – our customers can install and operate their own technology at our sites in the scope of the technical and legal requirements. To a high degree, our sites also satisfy the strict requirements for the availability, safety, and function for PMR applications, where antennas must reliably cover the operation area at the right sites. Here the operators of critical infrastructure can rely on Deutsche Funkturm’s extensive portfolio without having to build their own sites. Following the update of the frequency plan by the German Federal Network Agency, additional frequency in the 450 MHz range are soon available for professional mobile radio (PMR) applications. Deutsche Funkturm offers individual solutions for the reliable network coverage of comprehensive and local radio networks in the critical infrastructure range, including an uninterruptible power supply for the transmission systems, which enables the maximum availability of the services. With its radio sites and an experienced team trained in “VS-NfD” applications restricted onto certain user groups, the company supports all conventional mobile communication technologies, such as 450 MHz, WLAN, Lora, NB-IoT, and LTE.

We provide full support to our customers in the selection of the right site. This already starts with the preparation and planning for the suitable site and includes all implementation steps up to the commissioning and maintenance of the radio systems. Our experts are competent and innovation-oriented partners for radio network planners and communication specialists. We can adjust the scope and steps of our support service exactly as required for your processes, value-creation chains, and business models.

We are well-prepared for all challenges and tasks with our interdisciplinary teams. No matter which issue we will approach together or which service you would like to implement or improve with our help – Please contact us.