Thomas Ried

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Ried Chief Financial Officer at Deutsche Funkturm

Thomas Ried has been Chief Financial Officer at Deutsche Funkturm in Münster since 2012. In his capacity he is responsible for Finance, Human Resources and Legal Affairs.
He joined Deutsche Telekom AG at its central service in Hanover in 1991, first as a Cost and Investment Controller and as Staff Manager from 1996 on. In 1999, he transferred to the Telekom headquarters in Bonn. Here he worked as a Consultant in Investment Controlling for a few months before becoming the Assistant to the Corporate Controlling Manager. In 2003, he worked in Berlin as the Manager of Controlling for Business Customers and returned to Bonn a year later as the Manager of Planning and Reporting Systems. From 2005 to 2007, Thomas Ried managed Financial Controlling first in Hanover and then in Bonn. From 2015 to 2017, he also held the position of Managing Director for Finance at PASM GmbH.