First mobile network mast with a modular design

Deutsche Funkturm has erected its first ever standardized mobile network mast with a modular design in Parkstein, near Weiden in the Palatinate region of Germany. Custom-built spun concrete masts are now a thing of the past, as the same components will be used every time in the future. The use of system masts will speed up the expansion of the mobile network.

In May 2020, Deutsche Funkturm erected the first spun concrete mast in the new series, known as a system mast. The construction was completed without a glitch. The mast was erected in just a few hours.

What's so special about system masts?

The main difference between system masts and other spun concrete masts is the construction components. Systems masts are more standardized, as the mast head in the new mast series is always the same. The height of each mast can vary depending on topological requirements, while the individual mast sections have standardized lengths and can be used for different types of mast.

The standardization provides a whole range of advantages for Deutsche Funkturm and its general contractor. The manufacturer can produce the masts in series and for stock. In addition, antennas can be measured directly on the factory premises and assembled with cabling included. That makes the masts much faster to install on site. By shortening the individual mast sections, less special transport is required.

The new mast type will reduce the number of individual solutions and therefore the variety of different products in the future. The mast head is supplied as standard with 12 antenna support tubes already on the platform structure, as Deutsche Funkturm allows all network operators to use its sites.