City of Dresden and Deutsche Funkturm sign framework agreement for fast mobile network expansion.

The state capital Dresden, Technische Werke Dresden and the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH signed a joint framework agreement on Tuesday, 23 November 2021, to significantly improve mobile communications.

The city will provide suitable municipal properties as sites for network expansion. Deutsche Funkturm is allowed to use public lighting masts and infrastructures of the utility and transport companies for the expansion of small radio cell installations. The so-called small cells increase the capacities of the mobile radio network and ensure good reception especially in places with high traffic volumes.

The state capital does not invest itself. The infrastructure operators use city properties for the installation of mobile radio antennas. In return, the city receives a co-use fee. Infrastructure operators must offer infrastructure erected on municipal properties to all interested third parties as well as authorities and organizations for joint use. Design regulations and possible conditions imposed by relevant departments and resolutions of the City of Dresden are to be applied.

Mayor Dirk Hilbert: "The most comprehensive and at the same time efficient mobile radio coverage possible is the basis for the successful further development of almost all areas of life and work. The current Corona crisis shows very clearly the importance of telecommunications as a critical infrastructure. That is why I am pleased that the cooperation we have now concluded will enable us to continue the rapid expansion of our mobile networks".

Dr. Frank Brinkmann, Chairman of the Board of SachsenEnergie and Spokesman of the Management Board of Technische Werke Dresden (TWD): "Active participation in shaping the digital infrastructure is a central part of our supply mandate. This naturally includes nationwide access to modern mobile communications and super-fast internet as an important economic factor and guarantor of a high quality of life in our supply area".

Dr. Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Managing Director of DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH: "We are pleased to be able to drive forward the development of future-proof mobile communications coverage in Dresden in cooperation with the city and the municipal companies. The demand for mobile data is increasing rapidly and for a high-performance 5G network, the infrastructure must grow with it. The use of municipal properties will help to ensure that mobile network expansion keeps pace with customer needs."

Dr. Robert Franke, Head of the Office for Economic Development of the State Capital Dresden: "Dresden is a global leader in 5G and 6G research. These mobile technologies, with their enormous data rates, enable networked robotics and automation, for example, with which we in turn assert ourselves internationally as a high-tech location. This is not only a benefit for the economy, it also makes applications possible in medicine and everyday life, from which the entire society benefits."