FAQ - Space rental

Who is Deutsche Funkturm?

Deutsche Funkturm is part of Deutsche Telekom Group. The company was founded in 2002 and acquires, plans, realizes, operates, and markets antenna carriers. Deutsche Funkturm is partner of radio network operators and property owners.

How is Deutsche Funkturm organized?

Deutsche Funkturm is present throughout Germany. Its headquarters are in Münster. Experienced employees are available as competent representatives.

Is Deutsche Funkturm a contractual partner or broker for the property owner?

Deutsche Funkturm doesn’t function as a broker but as a contractual partner. This means that the property owner only has a single contact point for all issues regarding the use of the property during the entire contract period with Deutsche Funkturm. Deutsche Funkturm acquires building areas to set up rooftop sites and install what are known as small cells as well as properties to set up free-standing antenna sites.

Is the rental income assured for the property owner?

Deutsche Funkturm is a solvent company that is embedded in a strong corporation. It has maintained long-term relationships with all radio network operators and ensures that the property owners receive steady rental income throughout the entire contract term.

What are the periods of validity for the rental contracts? Are they renewed each year?

In general, the rental contracts are executed with a fixed period of at least 15 years with options for extensions. This means that long-term rental income is secured for the property owner.

Lessors of Deutsche Funkturm

The lessors of Deutsche Funkturm include: Public administrations of cities, municipalities, and the German Federation; residential construction companies; churches; forestry and agricultural operations; energy providers; real estate companies; private persons