Münster’s highest construction site: the TV tower is being renovated

  • The concrete surface gets a protective layer against extreme weather
  • The renovation will be finished in October
  • No impairment of transmission services

Münster, July 17, 2018: A tarp has covered parts of Münster’s TV tower for weeks. This was not the wrapping work of the artist Christo but rather a sign that the city’s tallest building is being renovated. At dizzying heights, the concrete is getting a new protective layer to ward off extreme weather effects.

At 230 meters, the TV tower in the St. Mauritz district is Münster’s tallest building and provides the region with TV and radio programs, mobile communications, radio relays, and other radio services, such as those for authorities or amateur transmitters. Most of the antennas for these services are on four platforms at heights of 113 meters or more and directly on the tower shaft. The antennas for the new TV standard DVB-T2, which was recently launched in Münster, are located in the red and white striped tip. “Storms, rain and frost have a particularly strong effect on the building fabric at great heights,” explains Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Managing Director of DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH. “This is why we’re sealing the concrete surface with a special protective layer against weather effects.” The construction activities have no impact on the radio services.

The renovation work is taking place at the top of the tower at heights between 137 and 207 meters. First, the parts for the scaffolding and then the coating material were transported to the top in several hundred elevator rides. About seven tons of material are processed for the work area of about 900 square meters – slightly larger than a handball court. The experts who are specially trained for great heights are secured by ropes and always work in teams during the renovation. Mayor Markus Lewe visited Münster’s highest site under construction: “The logistics and achievements by the workers up there are very impressive, just like the view of our beautiful city.” The work is expected to be completed in October and the scaffolding will be removed.

The TV tower was built with reinforced concrete and completed in 1986. It weighs 14,500 tons. The 40-meter wide control turret at a height of 108 meters alone weighs 1,600 tons. In 2007, the top of the tower was replaced with the aid of a load-bearing helicopter, which increased the tower’s height by four meters. Ten years ago, the company had already renovated the surface of the lower section. “Our TV tower has withstood wind and weather for more than 30 years. To ensure that it stays that way for the next decade and continues supplying the region with radio services, we regularly invest in its upkeep,” says Bruno Jacobfeuerborn.

With its head office in Münster, DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH is part of Deutsche Telekom and operates over 28,000 radio sites throughout Germany.

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