Site portfolio

An extensive portfolio from radio towers to rooftop sites

Deutsche Funkturm operates more than 35,200 radio sites. This portfolio includes radio towers, masts, and rooftop sites along with several special constructions, including small cells.

The radio towers also include several of the large TV towers, such as Berlin’s TV tower – German’s tallest antenna carrier –, the Europe Tower in Frankfurt and the Heinrich Hertz Tower in Hamburg.

Radio masts are steel-grid or spun-concrete masts that are built specifically for the installation of radio antennas and transmitting stations. One of Germany’s tallest free-standing steel-grid masts built for radio purposes is the 191-meter mast in Leipzig. It was constructed very rapidly – within six months. Its 21-meter GRP tube accommodates the antennas for DAB+, digital radio, and DVB-T2, digital terrestrial TV. It is also the tallest building in the Leipzig area.

A rooftop site is a radio site constructed on a roof area, for example on single- or multi-family houses, office buildings, or special constructions. The transmitting station consists of an antenna carrier to attach antennas and technical units. This supporting structure can be built in different versions depending on the technical or construction-related needs. A central standpipe is generally installed in the center of a building, or several pipes are placed on the building edges.

Deutsche Funkturms portfolio includes also small cells

Additionally, antennas known as small cells are attached to building walls or city installations, such as street lamps, traffic lights, or bus stops. Small cells are micro-sites that improve the mobile network in high-traffic areas by supplementing the existing mobile network. Special installations can also be placed on wind turbines, electrical poles, silos, and smokestacks.