Our responsibility to society, people and the environment

As a leading European full-service infrastructure provider for mobile network operators, we take on responsibility for our employees and our environment. With our products and services, we make a significant contribution to the digitization of our society. We take a holistic view of our business processes from an ecological, economic and social perspective. On this basis, we make our business decisions and pursue sustainable paths with innovative concepts.

Our responsibility
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Social responsibility
Energy efficiency
Green energy

We are working on alternative methods for supplying energy to our mobile communications sites. The focus is on photovoltaics and wind power combined with intelligent energy storage solutions. We have already completed the first pilot projects successfully at our sites.

We are expanding the mobile network in rural areas. When selecting suitable locations for radio sites, we take ecological factors into consideration. Therefore, we plant trees, avenues and flower meadows in liaison with nature protection authorities in order to preserve native plant and animal life.

We promote biodiversity in the areas surrounding our radio sites. We work together with Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union to factor in the habitats of local animals, e.g. peregrine falcons, and protect them by providing nest boxes and adapting our site operations. In addition, we offer green areas on our rural properties to beekeepers for setting up beehives.

Thanks to its modular design, the system mast that we have developed in-house is particularly sustainable in terms of production and assembly. With intelligent software solutions and the latest drone technology, we plan and maintain our infrastructure efficiently and with a view to conserving resources.

We stipulate the selection criteria for our suppliers in our Supplier Code. In doing so, we place a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly production, fair working conditions, and other social principles.

Health, safety, and trust are set in stone in our corporate philosophy. We value and promote the diversity of our employees, creating an environment that unites different perspectives, cultures, and ways of thinking. We offer a wide range of development programs to our experts and young talents.

We provide the foundation for people to connect, always and everywhere. As part of this, we are advancing digitalization in our society. In addition, a socially responsible and environmentally conscious approach is a key part of our strategy. Using our television towers, we support important messages, e.g. on Christopher Street Day or Earth Day.

We support Comfort Charge, a full-service provider for charging infrastructure, in developing a fast charging network for electric vehicles across Germany. Therefore, we are largely utilizing the existing telecommunications infrastructure. Thanks to this secondary use, we are sustainably creating the basis for the mobility revolution in Germany.

We work continuously on optimizing our processes and work methods to reduce our energy consumption. To this end, for example, we are integrating energy-saving cooling systems at our mobile communications sites.

We get most of our electricity from renewable energy sources and aim to increase this further. This is just one of the ways we are contributing toward a greener future.