Services from A to Z

The satisfaction of our customers is at the heart of all activities by Deutsche Funkturm. We systematically help you complete the tasks to which we can contribute the highest added value.

For example, we assist mobile network operators in serving their customers comprehensively, quickly, efficiently, and with the highest quality. As a result, network operators can fully focus on the operation and marketing of their wireless services. The effort involved in the search, rental, permission, planning, and realization of suitable sites is minimized, since Deutsche Funkturm covers the entire spectrum of services: from the acquisition of a suitable site, the planning and construction all the way to its administration. We offer all these services from one source.


The same is true for our offers to companies. Do you operate office or commercial real estate, for example, and want to offer your tenants perfect mobile communications and other wireless services? Or do you need a radio relay connection for your company locations? Or would you like to implement an innovative communication service for your customers? Deutsche Funkturm is the right partner for you in all these requirements.

What you can rely on in all instances is that we work transparently on an internal and external level and demonstrate clear allocations of responsibilities. With competent and solution-oriented processes, we offer our customers not only convincing technical implementations but also significant reductions in time and cost.


Thanks to our extensive site portfolio, we can assist you in selecting suitable radio sites or planning radio relay links. We provide the required areas for antenna systems and system technology and, if desired, we can handle the set-up and maintenance of the required wireless infrastructure on your behalf. We also perform a complete site management customized for your needs – including all required planning documents and other documentation.
And if you ever want to quit an installation site, we’re also the right partner for the complete dismantling.