First federally funded mobile radio mast built in Bavaria

Lam (Cham), November 22, 2023: The first radio mast from the MIG-funding program to close white spots has been built in the Bavarian market town of Lam in the district of Cham. At the beginning of 2021, the federal government founded the Mobile Infrastructure Company (MIG) to advance coverage in rural areas.

Like most of white spots in Germany, the municipality of Lam is located in a sparsely populated rural area that is very difficult to cover with cellular mobile connection due to its topography. This particular site for the new mobile phone mast is also remote, so access and construction are made more difficult by an adjacent water protection area and the recent snowfall, among other things. "Lam is a classic example of why there are still gaps in a generally well-developed mobile network in Germany. The construction challenges and associated costs are extremely high. This is where the funding program comes in. We are delighted to be able to contribute to closing this difficult coverage gap with the first subsidized mobile radio mast," says Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, CEO of DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH.

The company received the first funding from the program at the end of 2022. There was a year between the first order and construction, which meant that the planning and approval process could be implemented significantly faster than comparable expansion projects in Germany. The mobile radio mast in Lam is the first in Germany to go through the entire seven-stage MIG funding chain.

"Reliable mobile phone coverage is important for our citizens and the many visitors to our community. That is why we have supported MIG and Deutsche Funkturm from the very beginning, demonstrating that infrastructure projects can be implemented quickly and pragmatically in close cooperation. The fact that we were able to set an important milestone for the major national funding program with our tranquil market town and our hiking region of Lamer Winkel also makes us proud," says Paul Roßberger, First Mayor of Markt Lam.

Together with MIG, the district of Cham, the municipality of Markt Lam and the landowner, the diocese of Regensburg, Deutsche Funkturm was able to conclude the necessary contracts, planning and approval procedures in just 12 months. By comparison: In Germany, the approval process for mobile radio masts alone often takes longer than a year.
The 50-metre-high steel concrete mast has been built - now the remaining work will follow, including the power connection, the data connection and the installation of the transmission technology. Depending on the weather, this should be completed by the beginning of next year.

In the final step, the network operators Deutsche Telekom and Vodafone will then put their antennas into operation and thus close the white spot in Lam and the surrounding area. This will give the outlying areas of the market town, the Kolping Ferienhaus Lambach and the neighboring tourist hiking areas of Lamer Winkel in the Bavarian Forest reliable and powerful mobile phone coverage.