Radio relay planning

Radio relays, which are direct point-to-point connections via radio, can be a helpful alternative, for example when no broadband cable connection is available. Radio relays are also a good redundant fallback solution for particularly important connections, such as those essential for business. If an excavator accidentally severs a ground cable, for example, the data and internet connections can still be maintained via radio relays.

Deutsche Funkturm offers the planning of radio relay connections along with the procurement of the required permits. We help interested business customers in the design and preparation. We provide answers to such questions as: Where is a site with broadband connection that can be used as a remote station? Which antenna position and height is required to guarantee an interference-free connection, considering the adjacent buildings, the terrain characteristics, or trees in the transmission sightline? Is the operation of a relay station required in particularly complicated cases?

Schematic illustration of a terrain cross section

Technical planning and support during the permit process

The German Federal Network Agency (BNetzA) must issue permits for the sites and frequency usage of the desired radio relay connection. As a regular cooperation partner and representative, we are in close contact with this agency and can therefore systematically assist customers in getting the required permits. The same is true for the expansion of existing connections or the establishment of additional sites.

When the planning and permit process are completed, we are glad to refer a competent general contractor who will handle the technical and structural implementation of the radio relay connection.