Operational safety in high-frequency fields

The protection of the public against electromagnetic fields emitted by radio tower antennas is ensured by the limit values in the 26th regulation of the Federal Emissions Protection Ordinance. The spatial distance of residents, road users, and pedestrians to the respective radio antennas is the decisive aspect in protecting the public.

If people stay near antennas as part of their work – for example to access roofs or to work directly at the radio sites – it must be ensured that these workers can perform their tasks safely. Also, in these cases, the electromagnetic fields generated by the antennas may not have any negative impact on the workers’ health. Of course, this doesn’t just refer to our own employees but to all other persons staying in these areas. We actively satisfy the required measures for occupational safety with comprehensive expertise.

Experts in limit values and safety clearances

Safety clearances that must be adhered to in respect to the radio systems are calculated and defined based on relevant policies and the technical operating data of a mobile communications facility. Our experts enter these on the site’s floor plans with the aid of specific software. A metrological verification is also performed in complicated cases. The access roads to the technical installations are also considered and analyzed carefully. The result of this safety clearance calculation then results in labeling on suitable local information signs.

In conclusion, the calculation of the clearances and proof of the labeling must be documented. We do this with the help of a central database. This lets us evaluate the potential danger zone of a site in case of pending maintenance and repairs and offer specific support to building owners and network operators.