Frankfurt TV tower sends a signal of solidarity to Israel

  • Europe tower illuminated in the colors of blue and white
  • Sign of solidarity with the people suffering from the war

Frankfurt, October 14, 2023: Frankfurt sends a sign of solidarity to Israel with illuminated TV tower

Frankfurt's European Tower has been lit up in the colors blue and white since the beginning of Shabbat. With this action, the city of Frankfurt am Main and the owner Deutsche Funkturm send a sign of solidarity with the people suffering from the war in Israel.

Mayor Mike Josef says: "Frankfurt is sending a strong signal."

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, Chairman of the Management Board of Deutsche Funkturm: "Our European tower sends a signal of solidarity with all people affected by the terrible events in Israel. The TV tower shines as a sign of hope."

City Councilor Eileen O'Sullivan, who is responsible for International Affairs and Digital, added: "There have already been many expressions of solidarity on the part of the City of Frankfurt am Main towards Israel and the Jewish population of Frankfurt. The blue and white illumination of the Europe Tower is another sign of the attitude of the city and its citizens towards Israel and our partner city Tel Aviv Yafo and against the terror regime of Hamas, which shines clearly visible beyond the whole city as part of the Frankfurt skyline."

The Europe Tower shines in the Israeli national colors each time from the early evening hours until sunrise, starting yesterday, Friday, before Shabbat entrance, on which the Jewish population actually begins its weekly day of rest, Saturday. - Currently in Israel, probably unthinkable.

About the Europaturm
With a height of 337.5 meters, the Europaturm is Germany's second-highest television tower and provides the region with television, radio, mobile communications and many other radio services, including for German air traffic control and the financial sector. From its opening in 1979 until the end of the 1990s, the TV tower was a popular destination for tourists.