Dresden Tower

Important landmark for Dresden and the Elbe Valley

At a height of 252 m, the Dresden TV tower is the tallest building in Dresden and one of the 10 largest TV towers in Germany - an impressive regional landmark. When it was opened on October 7th, 1969, it fulfilled not only radio-technical but also touristic purposes. Its special architectural design and the unique location on the river Elbe made it a popular destination and landmark.

Every year about 200.000 people visited the tower and enjoyed the view over the Elbe valley with a cup of coffee or from the balcony. The two-storey tower restaurant at a height of 142-145 m held 132 visitors, the viewing platform above held about 40-50 people. Two express elevators brought the guests to the restaurant within 25 seconds. And in the future the public area of the TV tower will have a capacity of 199 visitors and two access lifts to the top.

Since the restaurant closed in 1991, the TV tower has not been accessible to the public. Today, 28 years later, the Deutsche Funkturm is working in cooperation with the federal government, the Free State of Saxony and the City of Dresden to make the tower accessible to the public again. As part of the monument promotion program, 25.6 million euros are being made available for the necessary restoration measures. The Federal Government is contributing 50% of these costs, the Free State of Saxony and the City of Dresden 25% each. This means that an important milestone towards the reopening has already been reached. For details please refer to our press release or our flyer.


Wanted: Leaseholder with a sustainable operating concept

For the development of this unique property, Deutsche Funkturm, with the support of the state capital Dresden and the Free State of Saxony, is looking for an efficient operator, project developer or project partner with experience in running platforms open to the public, who will be involved in the joint planning process with a viable operating concept for the design and management of the usable areas. The tower is currently used for the radio-technical operation of broadcasting, mobile radio, directional radio and other radio services. In recent years, Deutsche Funkturm has continuously invested in its maintenance.

In the course of the planned reopening, Deutsche Funkturm will carry out necessary upgrading measures at the upper tiers, tower shaft and tower base. The future leaseholder will be fully responsible for the interior fittings in the public areas and will have the opportunity to actively design 480 m² of space at a height of 137 to 148 m and 518 m² at the base of the tower.

Have we aroused your interest? Please ask for more information: fernsehturm-dresden@dfmg.de

Virtual tour of the Dresden tower