Frankfurt TV tower sends a call to vote

• Frankfurt tv tower ‘Europaturm’ shines in EU blue until the European elections
• Germany’s tallest call to vote is visible far beyond the city limits

Frankfurt am Main, June 6, 2024: During the week of the European elections, Frankfurt's tv tower ‘Europaturm’ will shine in the blue of the EU. Through this highly visible signal, the city of Frankfurt and Deutsche Funkturm are calling on people to vote on June 9.

Frankfurt is not only geographically at the heart of Europe. With the European Central Bank and other European authorities, Frankfurt is considered one of the EU's capitals. Standing in the center of Europe, the Europaturm, one of the tallest television towers on the continent, sends a special call to participate in the European elections.

Until Election Day next Friday, the antenna platforms at a height of 250 meters will be illuminated in blue from dusk through the night, making the call to vote visible far beyond the city limits of the Main metropolis.

Eileen O’Sullivan, the city of Frankfurt’s councilor responsible for citizens, digital affairs, and international relations, explains: ‘Life in Frankfurt am Main is shaped by our self-image as a European city. As a vibrant, diverse city, we demonstrate the European Union’s unity in diversity on a daily basis. By illuminating the Europaturm, we enhance the visibility of Europe in our city skyline, reminding everyone of the pivotal election on June 9.’

Bruno Jacobfeuerborn, CEO of DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH, adds: ‘In a democracy, we all bear responsibility for the society we live in and the future we want to shape. We believe in the idea and the values of the EU. We signal this with our Europaturm as Germany’s tallest call to vote." The illumination is a joint initiative of the city of Frankfurt am Main and the owner of the Europaturm, DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH.

About the Europaturm
At 337.5 meters high, the Europaturm is Germany's second-tallest television tower and provides the region with television, radio, mobile communications, and many other radio services, such as those for Deutsche Flugsicherung or the financial sector. From its opening in 1979 until the late 1990s, the tower was a popular tourist destination.

Photo Credits: Copyright: DFMG Deutsche Funkturm GmbH, Author: Robert Dieth,