Advertising messages

Projections on radio towers can bring messages to the attention of the public. The media value of such campaigns goes far beyond other traditional forms of advertising and generates significant added value through its further distribution on social media.

However, the design aspects and issues relating to building law must always be clarified for such campaigns. Every procedure on towers is subject to authorization and must correspond to the criteria defined by the responsible municipality.

In May 2017, the TV towers in Düsseldorf and Cologne were a perfect backdrop for the digital derby between the two cities.

Germany goes green

To promote the start of DVB-T2 HD and freenet TV, Media Broadcast highlighted the TV towers in four major German cities. On the night of March 28, 2017, the towers in Frankfurt, Mannheim, Hamburg, and Düsseldorf were immersed in green light, very visibly proclaiming the start of the new antenna TV.