Campaigns on towers

Some of Germany’s large cities have prominent buildings: a TV tower, such as the one in Berlin, the Heinrich Hertz Tower in Hamburg, the Colonius in Cologne, the Rhine Tower in Düsseldorf, or the Europe Tower in Frankfurt. These buildings have a particularly great impact on the cityscapes and skylines. Due to their height and their situation, these urban monuments draw attention. It therefore it seems likely to use them as carriers of advertising messages or for special presentations.

However, the conditions for such campaigns are just as exceptional as their effect. When it comes to projects that focus on advertising or presentations, substantial construction- and permit-related requirements must be met, along with technical ones. Therefore, each of these measures is an individual project that must be planned and implemented professionally.

Deutsche Funkturm offers comprehensive and competent support to customers for such projects.

If your concept meets all legal and economic requirements, we will rent the installation area to you and assist you with our longstanding experience – from getting the required permits to the complete technical implementation. Please note that the lead time before the implementation should be rather generous. We recommend planning for at least six months.

Have you already prepared a concept (contents, presentation format, schedule) for the campaign that you would like to realize with us? Then please contact us.