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Precise Positioning

Centimeter-level positioning for the whole of Europe

Digitalization of maintenance and planning of radio sites

Deutsche Funkturm and Droniq announce partnership and apply for Germany’s first LUC certificate

Innovative drone solutions - Deutsche Funkturm teams with vHive

The aim: Digitize the site portfolio

Deutsche Funkturm supports 5G Media2Go

Broadcast, automotive and telecommunication industry have a common interest to offer users access to attractive media content

Deutsche Funkturm and Droniq use drone to digitally scan Berlin's landmark Television Tower more
Deutsche Funkturm grows to over 30,000 radio sites in Germany
  • Biggest tower company in Germany and one of the largest in Europe
  • Roll-out focus in rural areas and along transport routes to support 5G
  • Sites for Deutsche Telekom, infrastructure sharing for all other mobile network operators
Cooperation on mobile communications development in Dresden

Dresden, 2 May 2019: On the occasion of the opening of the "connect-ec 2019"

The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag approves funding for reopening of TV Tower in Dresden

Dresden, November 8, 2018: In the context of historical monument protection...

Colonius shines as a highlight for Gamescom visitors

At 266 meters, Cologne’s highest illuminated structure dazzles at “Light It Up”...

Münster’s highest construction site: the TV tower is being renovated

The concrete surface gets a protective layer against extreme weather...

Better mobile network coverage for Münster

The city of Münster, Telekom Deutschland, and Deutsche Funkturm execute agreement...

Good news on its 50th birthday: The reopening of the “Telemichel” is getting closer

The tower is expected to be publicly accessible again as of 2023...